Recent Work

The following is a random collection of recent paintings in my quest to learn how to paint! I’m still trying, and loving the search!

08-06-2013 004

Winter Quarters


Cane River Country

Cane River Country

Boyce Feed Store 1, Waxahachie

Feed Store

Boyce Feed Store 2, Waxahachie


Frankford Church 003-small

The Easter Picnic

Prosper Winery-1


Urban Chapel 2

Urban Sanctuary


The Workplace

boat yard

Boat Yard 1

Boat House

Boat Yard 2

Bob’s Body Shop

Cypress trees


Decatur Street - 1

Decatur Street 1, New Orleans

Dory Shop

Dory Shop

Euro Tram

Euro Tram

The Caravan

The Caravan


Gale Warning

Gale Warning

Summer Solstace

Summer Solstace


Watercolor Painting

I’ve painted and sketched for as long as I can remember. I guess I’m visuallystimulated. Books with pictures are always better.
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